6 Business Majors to Consider

Business major

Business is the most popular college degree and here are six of the best majors you may want to consider.

About Choosing a Business Major

Here’s some more free stuff that I submit to you. As an undergraduate, choosing a major in a particular area of business can be a difficult choice to make. Business schools offer many majors and they vary so much, especially given each can lead to significantly different career paths.

By the time you reach postgraduate level, you should already be on your way career-wise and will probably be looking to rise up the management ranks. A Master of Business Administration (MBA) is the main study option. Good MBA programs teach leadership and management but also allow you to major in fields such as the following.

1. Accounting 

Accounting majors may eventually oversee the financial activities of an individual or a business. A great advantage of the major is that accounting services are always needed across all industries.

Typically, accountants are employed in business accounting, finance or tax auditing. Accountants learn about money and often interpret their knowledge to offer their clients or business partners valuable, actionable information and advice. 

Course units required for accounting major include accounting, financial analysis, business law and economics. To work as a certified public accountant (CPA), you must pass a specialized test. Demand for skilled CPAs is rising.

2. Marketing 

A marketing major opens diverse career possibilities. Popular positions in this degree include marketing manager, marketing specialist, and marketing coordinator. Marketing professionals work in many organizations across different industries.

Marketing often differentiates between a company’s failure and success. Majoring in marketing will help you in product promotion, consumer research, brand awareness, customer retention, and other areas that help an organization grow and remain competitive. 

The right marketing plan helps business owners make enough profits from their products. It also helps consumers find the product they want at the best price.

3. Finance

Finance majors interpret financial data. A wealth of possible positions are available through the finance major, such as financial accounting, money market analysis and capital investment decision-making. Those in finance must have strong math skills for such tasks as planning investments or creating budgets.

Course units required to major in this business include business law, corporate finance, project management and sustainable investment. You can work in this field as an accredited investment or financial adviser but you will need to possess some professional experience and pass special tests.

4. Human Resources Management

Human resources managers fulfill a core role in any large organization. This is a business major for people who are willing to commit their energy and time to an organization’s success. HR takes charge of workforce motivation, employee selection, labor relations, and organizational behavior. 

If you want to major in human resources, you will probably need to take course units in organizational ethics, operations management, international business, financial accounting, human resource development, business law, employee and labor relations, and compensation management.

This business major may be right for you if you identify as a team player who enjoys working with other people genuinely. Verbal and written communication skills, and interpersonal skills are all musts.

5. International Business 

An international business degree will teach you about global operations, cultural behaviors and expanding markets. To qualify for the major, you could take course units like international markets, business ethics and global commerce. A degree qualifies you for positions like business development specialist, logistician and management analyst.

6. Entrepreneurship

Earning a business degree in entrepreneurship major is a smart move if you plan to run your own business. Typical courses you can take include accounting, marketing, business strategy and performance management. You can also use the skills you acquire to work with an organization too. The sky is the limit if you’re able to get a successful venture off the ground.

These are just six options when it comes to popular business majors. Considering your interests, abilities and career objectives will help you choose the ideal business major for you.

Top 5 Best Alternatives to Quora

Forums and reviews

Quora has been a reliable Q&A guide over the past decade, establishing a foothold at the top of popularity charts. Outside of Quora, though, are there any other reputable options you can trust for free advice?

Community-based and survey-based platforms have been around since the dawn of the internet. Who hasn’t turned to review and answer websites to get answers to various questions, from “is this employer any good?” to “which Australian city is best for students?

Here are five equally excellent platforms to prove free alternatives to the popular Quora exist.

Yahoo Answers

’90s kids will fondly remember “Ask Yahoo” which was often the go-to for answers to when the next season of “Friends” would be airing and release dates of upcoming “Harry Potter” books. It was a Q&A platform strewn from the maiden Yahoo website which kicked off in 1995 before being cut short in favor of the present “Yahoo answers” which took the baton in 2006.

Questions are answered according to limited time spans and top contributors — those with verified mastery of a certain niche — are highlighted by an orange moniker beside their answers.


If you have some background in computer programming, you might recognize the “stack exchange” terminology from one of your lessons. That shows the initial orientation of the platform.

It has since diversified its roots in various directions, tapping into all sorts of subject matters including games, languages, computer products and many others. Users are ranked by a credibility system in a bid to ensure the most truthful answer as voted on by the target audience. 


With a mantra that states “front page of the internet”, Reddit offers an all-you-can-eat buffet. It has upwards of 11,000 subreddits, incorporating content from sports to politics and everything in between.

The platform also doubles up as somewhat of a social media haven offering much in the way of funny cat videos and whatnot while also providing updates on trending news topics. Answers can be “up or down voted”, with those receiving the most thumbs up making it to the top of the pile. 


Fluther is preferred for its heavy moderation. It has more quality checks than the above trio, providing dependable answers that are thoroughly scrutinized to ensure credibility.

The website is generally divided into two sections, namely “Social” and “General”. The latter provides an avenue to discuss more philosophical topics or amass general knowledge on specific issues. The “Social” part, on the other hand, features far more open-ended questions which may cut across topics or require popularity voting to pick out the best fit. 


Wikipedia suggests that 215 million users have frequented ASKfm, making it one of the world’s most popular. It is a cross-platform website that is especially geared toward mobile devices, providing users with answers across 49 different languages.

Its headquarters are located in the little known European country of Latvia and it has been rendering its services since 2010. Topics discussed are extremely expansive, with users reserving the option to post sensitive matters anonymously.

There are tons of excellent Quora alternatives out there so the list certainly doesn’t stop here. Other great options to also consider include Answerbag, Blurtit, Ask Me Help Desk and Experts Exchange.

Easy Healthy Recipes for College Students

College student eating

College life is busy, but you should not let food take a back seat. You must keep yourself nourished to make it through the study sessions.

To keep hunger at bay, you can follow some easy recipes to prepare nutritious meals. They involve simple ingredients and don’t require fancy kitchen tools (college student gift ideas). Let’s jump right in!

Spinach Feta Grilled Cheese

Grilled cheese goodness

1 1/4 Tbsp olive oil
2 1/2 clove garlic
1/3 lb frozen cut spinach
Pinch of salt and pepper
5 ciabatta rolls
2 1/2 cup shredded mozzarella cheese
2 1/2 oz feta cheese
pinch red pepper flakes (optional)  

Mince the garlic and then add olive oil. Cook under low heat until it softens. Next, add frozen spinach and cook for about 5 minutes. Once the excess moisture has evaporated, add salt and pepper. After that, cut ciabatta roll into half and add the feta cheese at the bottom. Add the cooked spinach and top with a pinch of red pepper. Carefully flip the sandwiches and transfer to a non-stick skillet. Cook under low medium heat for 2-3 minutes. Serve while hot. 

Damper Bread

Serve fresh and hot

3 cups all-purpose or bread flour, plus more as needed
2 teaspoons instant yeast
2 teaspoons coarse kosher or sea salt
1/3 cup olive oil
1 tablespoon fresh rosemary leaves

Pour the flour in a large bowl. Add rosemary, oil, salt, and water. Mix together until it forms a ball. Use your hands to gather all the bits. Dust a clean board with flour and place the dough. Add olive oil at the center and bring the edges towards the center. Now that everything is ready, preheat the oven to 200C and place the baking tray. Place the dough on the warm baking tray and bake for 30 minutes.

Damper may be popular at Australian universities since it is an Australian recipe. Enjoy the damper bread with your favorite drink.

Bacon Cheeseburger

This will keep you going
2 tablespoons finely chopped onion
2 tablespoons ketchup
1 garlic clove, minced
1 teaspoon sugar
1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce
1 teaspoon steak sauce
1/4 teaspoon cider vinegar
1 pound ground beef
4 slices sharp cheddar cheese
4 hamburger buns, split and toasted
8 cooked bacon strips
Optional toppings: lettuce leaves and tomato, onion and pickle slices

Add the first 7 ingredients in a bowl and crumble the beef over the mixture. Transfer the mixture in a lightly greased baking dish, grill for 5-7 minutes and then top with the cheese. Grill for another two minutes until the cheese melts. Remove it from the oven and let it cool.

Enjoy with your favorite salad. Suggest you practice making this, so it’s like healthy fast food, without having to go out and spend dollars.

Greek Style Chicken Salad

1/4 tsp. of ground cumin
Cooking spray and oregano oil
Pita chips
1 whole wheat pita
1 tsp. of lemon juice
2 tbsp. Of red-chopped onions
One cup of parsley salad

Preheat the oven to 400 degrees. Prepare the pita chips, coat with cooking spray and combine oregano oil. Bake at 400° for 10 minutes or until toasted. After that, prepare the chicken salad by combining with 2 tbsp. of chopped red onion. Next, prepare the parsley salad by mixing the remaining ingredients in a bowl.

Pizza Roll Ups

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3 mozzarella cheese sticks 
4 small flour tortillas
1/2 cup pizza sauce
Olive oil
20 slices of pepperoni

Preheat the oven and spray the baking sheet with a layer of your favorite cooking oil. Place tortillas, microwave for 20-30 seconds and cover with a damp paper towel. Slice mozzarella sticks in half and place on top. Fold the sides of the tortilla and roll them up tight. Bake the pizza rolls for 10-15 minutes until they turn light brown. Serve immediately.

Healthy Options

The above recipes are easy to make, healthy, and budget-friendly for any college student. Keep in mind you can prepare them even if you have little space in your kitchen.

While there’s a temptation at college to go for cheap and nasty — i.e. unhealthy — food choices, these recipes can be modified to improve their nutritional quality. A light coating of olive oil spray and a non-stick frypan, for example, is a great alternative to deep frying. PBWorks has more ideas for converting simple recipes into healthy ones.

Best Drawing Websites for Beginners

Nature drawing

Being able to draw, and do it well, is a skill many people wish they had and can lead to art careers, such as graphic design. While simple doodling can be fun, taking it to another level is more difficult.

Until recently, the only way to learn how to draw properly was to sign up for a local class. These days, there are countless drawing websites for beginners to check out. Below are a few of the very best, and what they do particularly well.

Draw Space

The biggest selling feature for Draw Space is that they have so many different classes available for all skill levels. No matter what a person wants to focus on in drawing, there is a class to help.

They offer plenty of free classes for people to get a good understanding on the teaching methods they use. As for their classes that do require payment, it is overall a great value since a person can get very detailed lessons on so many topics.

It’s a great starting place for true beginners, and even works for more seasoned drawing artists. They actually offer a test lesson on understanding talent so a person knows exactly what skill level they are starting out with.

Drawing Coach

People who want to focus specifically on drawing cartoons and caricatures should consider Drawing Coach. This is the best way to learn how to draw comic strip cartoons, anime, people, intricate tattoos, clip art and more.

Improving overall technique is the number one focus with all the tutorials. Instead of spending too much time on overall art theory, it is a great way to technically improve and create a solid drawing foundation. Learning the proper technique now can pay off big in the future.

After a few walkthroughs, it is encouraging to see a finished project if every step is followed. While most people aren’t going to put together a great looking comic strip on their first try, it’s a great start.

Duey’s Drawings

Bryan Duey has created a solid following on his website by keeping his lessons and methods simple. He offers free advice people can follow step-by-step in order to improve their drawing skill. He really seems to have a passion for teaching, and is willing to take the time to thoroughly explain everything.

The tutorials are broken down by skill level, but what really helps bring this site together is a community message board. There is a bunch of information and answers on there for people who are just starting out. He’s not as active as he once was, but there is still a very in-depth catalog of drawing tutorials to comb through.

Drawing Now

Some people might prefer a website where they can learn drawing from other regular users out there. All a person has to do to get started at Drawing Now is to sign up for a free membership, and they can interact with other members.

Users can create their own tutorials, allowing for a lot of different teaching methods to be posted on the website. It becomes a competition amongst other members to have the best tutorials and be considered a go-to expert in the field. Being able to reach out to other members with instant messaging and open chat is a great tool to have as well. Most are very open to providing advice and feedback on finished art.


Technically speaking, YouTube is not a website strictly for learning how to draw. However, simply searching for drawing tutorials can provide powerful results. Many artists are using YouTube as a way to promote their own teaching techniques.

Since YouTube is so big, people can get very specific with searching methods. This allows people to learn how to draw what they want at their own pace. Some artists will use YouTube as a vehicle to drive traffic to their personal website, but others just enjoy giving back to the community and providing all their lessons on the video-sharing website.

Top Basketball Sites For NBA Fans

The popularity of the NBA is at an all-time high. Fans from around the world can’t get enough of, not only the NBA season, but the draft, free agency and trades during the summer months as well.

To keep up with everything, it helps to have a few dependable and entertaining basketball websites. Here is a look at the top basketball sites for NBA fans to stay informed for 12 months a year.


It might seem cliché to start out with the company that calls themselves the Worldwide Leader in Sports, but ESPN is very locked into NBA coverage. Not only do they have a very expensive rights deal with the NBA, but they are heavily invested in developing their website to provide the optimal amount of coverage.

There is content to consume for just about any type of NBA fan. Those who strictly want the recaps of every game can get all the information they need the next morning. The latest rumors and debates can be checked out as well. They have even started to really invest in analytical breakdowns for those who really want to get into the numbers.

Think of ESPN as the best starting point for NBA knowledge. It might not specialize in anything too much, but just about everyone finds their way back to the website time and time again.


The NBA Draft takes place once a year in June, but there is always news surrounding the event. Draft projections are done years in advance, and teams who are not doing well tend to look at their draft lottery odds towards the end of the year.

The draft is the best way for a bad team to acquire a true game changer. To keep up with all the information regarding the draft, nbadraft.net is the best of the best. They have complete breakdowns of every potential first and second round pick. They even look well into the future, usually listing a mock draft for the next two drafts at any given time.

Those wanting to be informed about everything related to the draft should keep this website bookmarked. It’s worth checking out more than just before the draft takes place.


Numbers are a huge part of the NBA. Statistics have been kept for years and years, but recently analytics have really taken over as well. For just about any type of number related to the NBA, Basketball Reference has that and more.

It is the best website to look up information and understand the NBA a bit better. Instead of guessing what LeBron James’ shooting percentage was in 2012, that information is readily available from Basketball Reference. They go above and beyond that stat as well, providing a breakdown on specific type of shots taken from different parts of the court.

Basketball Reference even has college and international-statistics for many players. It should be the first website to check out whenever numbers are needed to back things up.


There are a ton of message boards and other discussion websites out there, but it seems like Reddit has really taken off for NBA fans. This is a place to sound off on certain stories, or get a more informal look at the NBA.

People do need to keep in mind that everything needs to be taken with a grain of salt on Reddit. Since it is a place for open discussion and attempted humor, rumors can pop up here and there. Most are able to take the good with the bad and see it as the best place to have sensible discussions on the NBA.

Best Gaming Channels on YouTube


From secrets to perplexing boss fights to neat tricks on how to best puzzle levels, the popularity of gaming channels on YouTube has exploded for various reasons. With hundreds of options to consider, we’ve narrowed it down to bring you seven of the very best. Take a look.

1) PewDiePie

With a subscription list almost reaching the hundred million mark, the numbers indicate that PewDiePie is the most popular gaming channel on the platform. He has diversified his content in recent times but topics generally revolve around gaming software such as VR headsets and amusing gameplay. He is perhaps most noted for his witty gaming commentary which earned him a cameo on “South Park” five years ago where he voiced the show’s depiction of his character. Affectionately known as PewDiePie, his real name is actually Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg. And no, that’s not a typo.

2) VanossGaming

For a taste of adrenaline-packed “Call of Duty” and “Grand Theft Auto” videos served with a slice of humor, VanossGaming is the place to be. The owner of this highly influential channel which has amassed 9 billion views since its inception in 2011 is 26-year-old Canadian Evan Fong. His genre basically revolves around poking fun at glitches and questionable gameplay across a plethora of franchises of which he has lately taken a liking to simulator games.

3) Markiplier

Mark Fishback’s Markiplier doubles up as a gaming-cum-comedy video channel and he has seamlessly blended the best of both worlds resulting in an impressive 23 million subscription. Inherently funny and with a weaned knack for comically mocking gameplays of famous title such as “Resident Evil 2”, Markiplier leans more toward rib-cracking entertainment than get-you-out-of-a-jam pointers but we wouldn’t have it any other way. His specialty encompasses horror and indie games although he occasionally ventures into games such as Minecraft.

4) Jacksepticeye 

English-born Seán William McLoughlin hits you in the face, quite literally and figuratively, with energetic Irish commentary on a lineup of series involving much-beloved fan favorites like 2018’s “God of War” and the worldwide craze that is “Marvel’s Spiderman”. Be prepared for a smack in the face and a customary “Top of the morning” pleasantry across videos which normally involve him trying to figure out his way across levels while laughing you to tears.

5) DanTDM

Daniel Middleton has racked in about 22million subscribers with the majority of that fan base strewn from Minecraft enthusiasts. He started out appealing to the younger generation but has since diversified into Tomodachi Life and Roblox games among others in a bid to cast a wider net. His videos are based on exemplary mastery of challenging gameplay and priceless reactions to levels seemingly conspired to frustrate the average gamer.

6) LazarBeam

So what do you get when you add absurdness and wild gameplay to fan-favorites such as “Fortnite” and weird backdrops like playing atop a rooftop? Well, the answer is Lanna Eacott’s hilarious LazarBeam channel. He is popular for his out-of-the-box playthroughs during which his witty charm and lovable personality shine through.

7) The Game Theorists

As the channel’s name would suggest, The Game Theorists take a new approach to YouTube gaming channels offering intriguing theories about various aspects of video games punctuated by glimpses of comic relief. Matthew Patrick’s accomplished background in acting, producing and writing ensures various elements of those three aspects are evident in his videos which have brought close to 12 million subscribers to his doorstep since his 2009 debut. 

And that rounds off our compilation of awesome YouTube gaming channels definitely worthy hitting that red button for.

How to Start a Career in Web Development

Web development career

For those individuals who want to start a web developer career, it is best to begin learning about the core components of web page development like HTML, CSS, JavaScript. Web developers need to understand that these three components are crucial to learning and eventually mastering the craft. 

Languages You Need to Know

CSS — the newest version being CSS(3) — and HTML (5) are critical languages that web developers need to use to make a web site appealing and functional. There is also Javascript (JS), which brings extra attributes to both HTML and CSS pages. Javascript can animate images and also provide much more dynamic elements to any webpage. The best news is that JS is a free technology that any web developer can use. These are all part of the toolset you need for developing responsive-designed web pages.

Responsive Web Design

A career as a web developer should include responsive web design (RWD) and other techniques. RWD is a term used to define how specific elements of a web page (menu, graphic, buttons and page text) are configured to many different screen sizes with an HTML page and cascading style sheets or CSS. Web developers need to understand all the various attributes that CSS will apply to HTML. HTML (5) is the latest incarnation of HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), which was created by British inventor, Sir Tim Berners Lee when he was working at CERN.

Domain and Hosting

And once you have read up on these three components, buy web page hosting. Indeed, companies like BlueHost.com or GoDaddy.com will also sell you a website domain. It’s often advantageous to purchase a .com or .net extension to create a test website. You can also use a staging server where your web pages can sit while you learn to develop them. Any key thing to be aware of concerns having enough website pages that reflect today’s hot technologies. The newest skills regarding web page development are always in high demand.

Education and Design Resources

There are also websites like Udemy.com and YouTube channels that provide many hours of free instruction on how to create web pages. You can also find articles on the commercial side of things, such as 7 steps to create a money-making web page. And while the idea of marketing is not as important for those who are looking to start a career in web development, things like SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and (Responsive Web Design) — aka RWD — can bring a boost for page rankings on Google.

While RWD and also adaptive web page methods are just a few of the many methods to apply, the best news is that there are many tools future developers can use like Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2019. This software helps web developers take a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) “visual” approach.

And there are also certification programs for web developers at many junior colleges that provide in-depth classes covering different aspects of what skills a web developer needs to get started. Many times, college classes and university programs provide free server space for your web pages and helping you snag real-world projects that help kick off that new career track as a web developer.

Digital Marketing Skills

Business managers loves it when their web designers also have digital marketing knowledge and general marketing skills. You see, web design and digital marketing go hand in hand.

Creative writing
Good design leaves room for creative writing

For example, web pages perform better commercially when they are easy to navigate, clutter-free and load fast. These things make for a better user experience. Another important factor is content space. To perform well in internet search, web pages need to a certain amount of text — without becoming a hard read. That’s a web design issue for which you need to know about content marketing and creative writing.

If you study business at any stage, which you can do in the first year or two of an information technology degree, try to fit some digital marketing units in. A web designer with a marketing background is a professional you can bet will always be in high demand.

And Think About Blogging

Blogging is a good activity for web developers for several reasons. The first is that you can pick up or refine web development skills by managing your own blog.

Through blogging, you will also come to appreciate the needs of business managers when they hire developers. Their agenda is to get great content out there that looks good as well. They have different mindsets and timeframes compared to the average developer and may be subject to constant commercial pressures.

Blogging also gives you the opportunity to become an expert in a field. Blogging consistently on a subject is a discipline that naturally inculcates skills and knowledge. An added bonus is the ability to make money from your own website.

How to Train Your Dog Using Psychology

Dog training psychology.

Dogs make the most amazing companions in life. They tend to be much loving and loyal to their masters. They are not like human beings since their brains work a little bit different. The way they interact with and perceive the social environment around them is also quite different. This is where effective communication and interaction is vital. In order to effectively communicate with them, we need to train them.

However, training your dog may be one of the most challenging aspects of receiving a new canine into your home. But wait! Have you ever given a thought of the psychology behind dog training? Trust me it will make the whole process of dog training into a walk in a dog park!

Now hold on your hat as I take you through some of the most amazing ways of training your dog. Teaching your canine friend how to behave is just one of the benefits from knowing how the minds of others work. You never know, if you’re good at it, dog training could be the start of a career in psychology or maybe you could create a new superstar dog.

Negative Reinforcement

You might be thinking this reinforcement to be an undesirable consequence for instance pain. Trust me you are definitely wrong on this! Simply, this entails removal of a nasty stimulus. This psychology principle works by encouraging good behaviors in your puppy.

To start, house-train your new puppy using pee pads. Place the dog in unoccupied but warm and safe room. Do it when at home to avoid any mishaps. The dog may start complaining or barking due to loneliness. Nevertheless, avoid tending the dog the moment they start whining. Begin with slight increases for instance 10-20 minutes of loneliness.

Next, you can take away the unpleasant stimulus and socialize with the puppy. Over time, increase the boosts of interaction. As time goes by, your dog will know the routine of loneliness varies. They will thus adapt the idea of being alone at home without barking.

Classical Conditioning

The science behind this associates a stimulus with a definite response. This means that the response takes place involuntary provided the stimulus exists. The next time you are taking your dog for a nature walk, try this approach. It will cheer up your companion to relieve themselves while on a walk. You need to ring a bell each time they do acceptably relieve themselves outdoors. Within a short time, the bell becomes a conditioned stimulus. This means your dog will relieve itself involuntary upon ringing the bell. Try to condition the bell once you are done with your walk.

Justify Maslow’s Basic Needs

According to this psychological principle, needs are presented in the hierarchical form. Fulfillment of appetite, pleasure, and thirst are some of the basic needs both in animals and human beings. Basic needs can, therefore, be harnessed as rewards for training your dog. Pet your dog the moment they perform simple habits, for instance, sitting down voluntarily.

Next, you can start to pet them only upon command. This method works magic since you strengthen your canine acceptable behavior by fulfilling their basic needs. In addition, you will be conditioning your pet to relish both the reward and approach.

Complement Primary Reinforcement

It may become challenging to carry on with a single enforcement approach. Undesirable effects such as begging are evident when you only use primary reinforcers without supplementation. Your dog may even start to think it’s the boss due to unceasing attention and petting. Instead, you can start to complement the reinforcement with praise. After a number of efforts with the secondary reinforcement, the pet will associate both the praise and food for accomplishing the ideal trick. The technique works on kids as well.

In conclusion, this is just but some of the best ways to train your dog using the psychology learnings. Use them to cultivate good and desirable behaviors in a dog. The good thing is that they all work!

How to Create Clip Art

Clip art.

Clip art is a popular concept for those who use computers to produce information products such as documents, flyers and brochures, projects and even websites. But why and how do people use clip art and how is it made?

What is Clip Art?

Clip art is the term used to describe non-photographic graphic images. The name is derived from the fact that people used to cut-out (or clip) images from books or magazines and put them onto their pages.

In today’s modern society of internet and computer-based work, clip art images are stored on the computer and internet and, in some cases, are even created using the computer. They are imported for use on documents or websites to enhance work and support written documentation.

Images are usually categorized according to their content and the most popular categories are animals, people, nature and objects. This makes it easy for people to find what they are looking for. In some cases clip art is free for anybody to use as required. Some images do have copyrights however.

So, when selecting one, be sure to seek out the legalities first. It is best to purchase clip art packages – they usually cost around 1 cent for 10 images – to avoid any copyright issues.

Learning to Create Clip Art

Clip art is created in multiple ways but for those people who are looking for a simple method you can draw one by hand and scan into the computer. Firstly choose what you are going to draw – get some inspiration from a live object or photograph.

If you are a decent artist yourself and are confident with a pen then you can draw your image onto a piece of white paper. Use a dark, black pen to go over it and then scan the image into the computer.

If you are not confident with the specific details look at the bigger shapes of the object (circles, triangles, lines, etc) and use them to give a basic outline shape of your object. It doesn’t have to be intricately detailed. Once it has been scanned into the computer you can then open the image in Photoshop (or other image software), add shadows, highlights, etc and then save the file as jpeg, png or gif.

Dino Russ image
Credit: Dino Russ

If you are not someone who is confident at drawing, you can use Microsoft Power Point. This is a good program to use because it is user friendly and free. Simply have an image of what you want to copy and open it in Power Point. Then you need to create a layer over the top of the image that is transparent, so that you can still see the original image but can place lines, shapes and colors over the top. Then using the lines, shapes, etc mirror the image. For example if you have a bike – place two circles where the wheels are (like tracing), lines for spokes, handles bars, frame, etc. Then use colors and shading to give your image some detail until you have the desired effect.

Training in digital media such as clip art design can be formal (e.g. as part of an information technology program) or something you do yourself with the help of software and instruction videos. It’s something you can start getting results with quickly but can keep improving with practice.

Using Images

Once you have finished styling your creation, you can use it to enhance your documents, projects, advertising material or even your website. The list of uses is endless. To use it on a document, simply copy or save the image. When you have your document open (like Microsoft Word or Publisher) you can either import your image or insert it. From there you can adjust the size, rotation and placement of the image to suit your document.

Income Shares Child Support

Child support children.

Perhaps the most popular child support model is income shares. It’s used by the majority of US states, see the Illinois changes for example, and has been adopted in other countries. Under the income shares model, separated parents have their income pooled for the purpose of calculating child support.

To understand how it works, we’ll look at how support increases as the income of the payer parent goes up. We’ll also use examples from the Australian income shares system. Right now, there’s a big push in that country for extensive child support reform.

Under income sharing, a rise in payer income generally increases the amount of child support payable (as you’d expect). The manner of increase is what’s interesting. Payers have limited child support obligations at low income levels. However, child support rises steadily at medium to high income levels.

Mathematically, the child support response to an income rise is the cumulative impact of an income share effect, a cost of children effect, and a complex set of cost tables.

A. Income share effect

According to the child support formula, the amount of child support rises in proportion with a payer’s share of combined income. Combined income is the sum of each parent’s child support income (which is taxable income minus a self-support amount).

Because of factors such as the self-support amount, fixed minimum child support rates, credit for any care time, and the other parent’s high income, the income share effect may not be felt until the payer’s income reaches $40k, $50, $60k or more. It also doesn’t apply if the other parent has an income below the self-support amount (since the payer contributes 100%).

B. Cost of children effect

For payers with <50% care, child support obligations go up when their income rises due to a cost-of-children effect. Higher combined income is assumed to increase the cost of children broadly. This works against the parent with <50% care because each parent gets financial credit for direct care.

The cost-of-children effect generally adds to the income share effect. It helps keep child support down for low-income payers. And, when a payer’s income rises, it further adds to the child support increase.

C. Cost tables

The amount of child support is finally decided by cost-of-children tables. To illustrate, by using the tables, we can work out that the cost of a child under 13 who has 2 parents earning $50k each (taxable income) is $8,587 annually.

The tables are constructed so that the cost of a child increases with income but at a declining rate. It starts at 17 cents per extra dollar and drops progressively to 15 cents, 12 cents, 10 cents, 7 cents and zero (at a combined child support income just over $180k).

The relationship between a payer’s income and the amount of child support is complicated not out of sophistication but by poor design. The system routinely produces unfair and inefficient outcomes.

Problem A: Demoralizing effective tax rates

The child support system must balance the need to collect support against the cost of discouraging payers from earning a good income. For many payers, but especially those with little contact time, the system imposes demoralizingly high effective marginal tax rates. Consider this example where, at almost any income level, a payer must give up over half of any extra income.

Children: 2 (mixed age groups)
Care: 100% of time with recipient
Recipient taxable income: $60k p.a.
Payer effective marginal tax rate: 55% – 60% over $30k to $150k income range

Here the payer foregoes 57% of extra income in tax and child support when income rises from $30k to $150k.

  • At $30k, the payer pays $2,780 in support and $2,397 in tax.
  • At $150k, the payer pays $27,776 in support and $46,132 in tax.
  • Over each $30k interval in between, the marginal effective tax rate doesn’t drop below 55%.

Calculation tools: Child Support Calculator (2017), Pay Calculator (2017)

Problem B: Excessively high or low payment rates

A useful child support measure is the nightly cost of extra care above 50:50 care. It asks the question: how much does the recipient receive for each night of care they provide above their fair share? Applying the measure, it is easy to see where child support amounts are too high or low. Here’s an example where the amount is too high.

Children: 2 (mixed age groups)
Care: 8 nights with recipient per fortnight, 6 with payer
Incomes: $60k for recipient, $150k for payer
Dollar rate per night: $505.38 per night ($13,176 per year)

The care arrangement is quite even, with the recipient providing 1 extra night of care per fortnight above an even split. For having a lower income and doing essentially 26 additional nights of care per year, the recipient receives $13,176.

A big potential problem with over-payments is that it discourages the recipient from agreeing to a balanced co-parenting timetable. Children should see both parents often. But a flawed formula creates financial incentives for the recipient parent to dominate care time in order to boost support payments received.

Top 5 Sayings with Origins

Red hand quotation.

There are many sayings that people use on a daily basis to communicate with their audiences. These sayings have become so common that speakers rarely stop to consider their source. Most of them are derived from historical events and legends. Read on to find out more about the unusual stories behind the origin of top 5 common sayings. The article is brought to you by Activate Press.

1. Caught Red-Handed

To be caught red-handed means to be found doing or initiating something wrong. This phrase was derived from the practice of ancient laws. If a person slaughtered a neighbor’s animal, he was only convicted when there was an evidence of the animal’s blood on his or her hand. Fresh meat alone didn’t make someone guilty.

2. Eat Humble Pie

Eat Humble Pie means giving an apology and being ready to suffer the humiliation that comes along with it. This saying dates back to the Middle Ages. During this time, the king would hold a large feast after a successful hunt. His family would be served with the finest meat while those of the lower status would receive a pie comprising of the innards and entrails, referred to as “umbles.” So being served “umble pie” was a sign of humiliation.

3. Give the Cold Shoulder

This is a rude way of telling a person that he isn’t welcome. Today, giving someone a cold shoulder is considered rude and disrespectful (see cold shoulder jokes). However, in the medieval England, it was actually considered a polite gesture. After a feast, the guests were given a cold piece of meat from the shoulder of pork, mutton or beef. This was a sign that hosts used to communicate to their guests that it was time to leave.

4. Blood is Thicker than Water

This saying simply means family comes before everything else. It was derived from the ancient Middle Eastern culture. During this period, a blood ritual between men was a symbol of stronger bonds than those of family. For instance, warriors who shed blood in the battlefield symbolically shared that blood. They were said to be “blood brothers,” with stronger bonds than that of biological brothers.

5. Break the Ice

This saying means to initiate a friendship or settle a room by telling a joke. Before the invention of cars and trains, port cities and towns that thrived on trade suffered a lot during the winter season. Frozen lakes, seas, and oceans prevented commercial ships from entering the city. To rescue the icebound ships, city authorities used small ships to break the ice. Those small ships were referred to as “icebreakers.”

Humor and Jokes Types

Easter Bunny joke.

Jokes and humor are personality psychology. They entertain people or convey a certain message in a literal and hidden manner. In humor and jokes, words are used in a well structured and highly designed narrative structure to entertain people and make them laugh. Humor always starts with a story and ends with a punch line which is the part that will make people laugh and enjoy. There are various types of humor and jokes.

Satirical Humor

This type of humor is tactically used to mock somebody or an event. Irony is used to bring out the story part that somebody might have been engaged in or caused it happen. It also uses sarcasm to bring out the real life vices about the satire story in question. The punch line comes in by making a comment about the story and how it should be.

Self-Disparaging Humor

This is the type of jokes and humor you want to make about yourself. People will love to laugh at how you describe yourself or definitely how you perceive yourself. Although this might make people be uneasy when they are around you, it plays a greater role in bonding with the audience. Self-disparaging humor and jokes is effective in most cases but it should be moderated as people might be bored talking about yourself always.

Witty Humor and Jokes

This type of jokes and humor needs intellectual structuring and is always for the smart and quick minded. One can take any known situation that happened and use it to tease the audience and describe about it. In most cases it is a situation or story that nearly everybody is aware of (e.g. common sayings). They use the story and tactically twist it to march their intentions. When engaging in witty humor be careful not to cross the line and tease or joke about a story that offended many people. This will make the audience dull.

Slapstick Humor and Jokes

Slapstick humor uses physical variations to bring about an awkward moment to the other party that is perceived to be perfect. It gives variations of body movements or structures that create a mock or simulated body harm to bring out a comic effect.

Topical Humor and Jokes

This type of humor focuses entirely on topics making headlines in news, social media or in any communication platform. It Includes topics about politics, sports events, war, economy or any other popular headlines. This humor makes fun of current events, its effects or importance and fun is made on how the events were handled, how it happened and its aftermath.