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Why Sell Property by Auction?

Auction hammer.

Choosing to sell your house or property by auction instead of using estate agents (commonly known as a private treaty) can pay off. Here are the top 5 reasons why to sell by auction.

1. Saves Time

If you are looking to sell your house or property fast, then auction is the best option for you. From the time you instruct your auctioneer to list your property, it will only take approximately two months for completion of the entire process. Your auctioneer should run through the whole process; plan for open days where prospective bidders are invited to view the property and also set a date for the auction. Expect to hand over your keys 28 days later after the hammer drops.

2. Extensive Marketing

There is this common myth that properties going for auction will only get advertised in the auctioneer’s catalog. This is not true, in fact, all auctioneers will promote your house or property across the country, by listing it on some big property portals like Rightmove and Zoopla. This ensures that your property gets maximum exposure ahead of auction.

3. Legal and Biding

The fall of the hammer creates a legal binding contract, which is made formal by a signature on the memorandum of sale that forms part of the catalog. This avoids any possible delays and downward negotiations that are often part of buying and selling a property through private treaty. On average, one-third of properties sold through private treaties fall through after closing the deal. So selling by auction is by far a better option.

4. Ensures That Your Property Sells at Best Price

All sellers would want to achieve best prices for their property, and all buyers would want to feel that they are acquiring the property at a best fair price. But who decides what is fair?

Selling through auction is the most efficient and best way to make sure that a property sells at the true market price. Buyers that participate an auction have done their due diligence prior, and they know what they are willing to pay for a property. They’re bidding is in a very competitive environment, and buyers themselves determine the price.

Only the highest bidder get to go with the property. Sellers also have the advantage of setting the minimum price to start the bid.

5. No Gazundering

The buyer is legally bound to the sale once the hammer drops and must pay a deposit of 10% of the total sale price of the property before leaving the auction house. This eliminates any chances of being gazundered (a situation where the buyer lowers their offer last minute)

6 Best Online Shopping Websites

E-commerce shopping.

Shopping can be an enjoyable experience but, if you do not have time, the best option is online shopping. There has been surge in e-commerce websites designed to fulfill your shopping needs. Retail shops like eBay and Amazon are always day and night to supply products to be delivered to your home.

Here is a list of 6 best online shopping websites that will give you best shopping experience no matter if you are browsing through your tablet, iPad, iPhone or your laptop.

1. Shop while you connect and share is one such website that is an e-commerce website based on community involvement. Interestingly, the full form of this website is Want, Need, and Love. This is one website where you will find a collection of numerous products from various stores.

The platform of this website is pinboard style. It is easy to browse buy, save and even post new items if you have any to sell. You will even be able to connect to other members online and follow them.

2. Shopping with detailed product description

If you are the one who is more style and fashion conscious, then is the one for you. This website is full of novelty gifts, trendy products, fashion items and useful gadgets.

Whenever you like an item, click the Fancy button to show your interest in a chosen item. Save, mark, upload or e-mail a product on Fancy. You can also display your product on your profile as a featured product that can be rated and commented.

Shoppers are given the choices of Following, Recommended, and Featured that is present on your dashboard. Other things too are added like on-site payments and Search Capabilities.

3. Shop with discounts and best deals

It is not easy to get hold of the excellent deal granted but with you will get an opportunity to land best of available deals. Browsers are given different discounted categories from many department stores.

A heart icon sitting next to a product will reveal the popularity of an item. The numbers reveal how many people like a specific product or is favored by members.

You have a choice to shop on a retail dashboard or choose a pinboard layout style. The pictures of products are displayed by sale theme, date and product category within a calendar month. You get the best deals and unique items with the best pricing offered. The products displayed also contain an expiration date, the number of favorites and even the sales that are organized.

4. Collect points while adding your friends

If you are looking for some fun gamified shopping experience, then OpenSky is where you should shop. However, to join this shopping website, you need an invitation from another member.

The products offered by OpenSky include popular products from many stores that are tagged with Back-to-School, Insider Pick, Clearance, Exclusive and Free Shipping categories. The products you save fall in Loves category that can be purchased later on.

To enlarge a picture click the large heart icon while hovering over the image. This website gives descriptive product details that include product specs, comments and other such details to help you choose edibles as well as electronics. You can even follow sellers individually.

Interestingly you will earn additional points for inviting your friends with 1,000 points. If you are adding friends through Facebook Connect then 2,500 points and 1000 points each time your friend makes a purchase. These are added up to your shopping rewards that can be redeemed for free shipping or credits on your purchases. This is all like fun game like collecting points and getting a bonus.

5. Partner of eBay

You are already familiar with the most popular website called eBay; there is another website owned by this online retailer called Svpply. You can perform a search using keywords based on your personal interest. You can collect, mark or want any product that you wish to purchase online and even share it across your social media network. You can share your collections across Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook.

6. Free online courses “shopping”

You may be surprised at the range of free and cheap online courses you can find. Whatever your particular interest or learning requirement, there is probably a free or low-cost online course to match. Among the best online course platforms are Coursera, Udemy and LinkedIn Learning.

If you are a teacher, want to create your own online course, or just want to teach and entertain your own kids, there are great resources for teachers available. The top ones include Theme Spark and Busy Teacher Cafe.

Top 10 Ways to Read Guitar Tabs

Guitar playing.

Tab, also known as tablature, is an important tool that allows guitar players to easily learn how to play melodies, chords, and songs. Instead of using symbols like it is in standard musical notation, it uses ordinary numbers and characters. Learning how read guitar tabs can be a mystery for some newer guitar players.

Here is a step by step guide on how to read guitar tabs.

1. Guitar tab staff – Strings fret numbers

For this one, the top is the bottom. Your thinnest string is pictured on the top, so when you hold your guitar by the guitar neck and place your hand, your fingers will wrap around the guitar neck at the first string. By doing this, your fingers will be right in place to follow along with the tab.

2. Repeat Signs

Repeat signs are there to enable you to know that you are supposed to repeat that section of notes. The number of times you repeat depends on the song.

3. Hammer On

Hammer on is done by picking up a note and then hammering is done with the fretting hand on the second note (see video here). Actually, the second note is not picked but kind of echo the first one. Hammer-ons are one of the standards in guitar techniques.

4. Slides

If done the right way, this sounds really cool. For a slide, begin by plucking the first note then slide on the string up or down to the second.

5. Pull Offs

Pull off is the exact opposite of hammer-on. The first note is played then the fretting hand pulls off the finger and lets the one fretted behind it to play.

6. Picking Directions

Either picking of the individual chords or notes or up or down strumming. One should put more efforts on being good at playing or picking in both directions to make the music flow.

7. Chords

They are a group of notes that are sounded by a single or series of up or down strokes with your strumming. To tab a chord, notes would be positioned vertically upon the horizontal lines ones.

8. Bends

This is where the fretting hand bends the string to provide a wobbly effect. Often it is used in blues, rock, country and Christian music. Bends add attitude to the music in a good way.

9. Vibrato

This is another technique for adding amazing sounds to your music. It is just like a constant rhythmic bending off the string. It’s a wiggling of the string up and down to bring a variation on the pitch up and down.

10. Natural Harmonics

Natural harmonics can add up bell-like sounds when you touch a string with your finger over a particular fret bar. The most commonly used notation is the fret that one touches with romb sign before.

Famous Dogs on TV

Scooby Doo.

Your faithful canine companion isn’t just for staying at home, waiting for their master. They can become film and TV stars as well! Here’s 5 famous, extremely well-trained dogs in movies and television, in no particular order.

1. Scooby Doo

The phrase “Scooby Doo, where are you?” might induce an endless-playing song in your head, but there’s no doubt that this Great Dane is known all throughout the world. Scooby, Shaggy and the gang of mystery-solving misfits go where no one dares and manages to save the day and uncover the masked villain scheming behind the scenes.

Did You Know? Scooby Doo held the Guinness World Book Record for the 2006 edition for the most episodes in a cartoon series. The cartoon’s 350 episodes outnumber the Simpson’s 335 episodes and Tom and Jerry’s 209 episodes in 2004.

2. Snoopy

Who could ever forget the lovable, black and white beagle of Charles Schulz? Although Snoopy started out in comics, this human-like dog catapulted to the bigger world of film. He has become one of the most iconic characters of all time. The last appearance of Snoopy was in the recent 2015 “The Peanuts Movie”. Ain’t Charlie Brown lucky to have this pet by his side?

Did You Know? Snoopy was an inspiration for Charles Schulz’ family pet named Spike. He wasn’t able to “verbalize” his thoughts until around a couple of years after the canine appeared on the comic strips!

3. Hachi

Who is Hachi, and why do people get misty-eyed whenever his name is mentioned? It all has something to do with a poignant, true story of an Akita Inu who has devoted his entire life to his owner. You see, Hachi was left behind by his owner and never came back. The dog kept on revisiting and waiting for his master until his last breath. A true heart-warmer that you must watch at least once!

Did You Know? Hachiko’s story became widely known in Japan in 1932 by an article made by Hirokichi Saito. The people loved it so much they made Hachi a public icon.

4. Lassie

All dogs are inherently loyal, but there are some that are more loyal than the other dogs. Meet Lassie, the super dog who is able to do it all, and still remain a good-natured pet to her owners! The half-collie represented all the good things a dog could have- bravery, a sense of honor and the ability to save people’s lives.

Did You Know? Lassie is originally a female dog as portrayed in TV, but her stand-ins are all male dogs! The reason for this is because male dogs retain their shiny, healthy coat during summer.

5. Beethoven

Beethoven is a slow, fun-loving dog in the movie featuring the same name. He’s big, he drools and he stumbles around but his loyalty and protective nature wins the family over.

Did You Know? The movie came under fire because their portrayal of a vet as a criminal dognapper irked the American Veterinary Association.

Gift Ideas for College Students

College dorm room.

Choosing gifts for a college-goer can be pretty tricky. Particularly with the wide array of gifts to choose from, things might pretty complex and baffling for most of us. So if you’re busy figuring out the best gift ideas for college students, here’s a list that might help you. Also see this checklist of uni essentials (things to pack).

Personalized pillows and cushions

This is one gift where you can never go wrong. Customize the pillow or the cushion according to the person’s favorite movie or TV show. You can also use it as a reminder for all birthdays and important dates.

A portable pizza pouch

College students swear by pizzas and in this regard, there can be no better gift than a small, personalized and portable pizza pouch. This pouch will ensure that the person is always prepared for any kind of pizza related emergency.

Food containers

Every college kid faces a situation in his life, where his meals are strictly confined to ramen, lentils and mac and cheese. In such situations, gifting a good food container to your college buddy can be a great idea. This container will store his food safely and he will also be able to take it out for meals between classes.

Shot glasses

College keeps all of us worked up. At times, situations get tad more difficult and we are in dire need of a glass of shot. So gifting a couple of shot glasses will make a college goer more than just happy. While making your pick, do not confine your choices to the boring and typical designs. Try something cool and quirky. You can even customize these glasses with a personal message to add a more personalized feel.

A microwave pasta cooker

As I already said, college life is never complete without mac an’ cheese. Most college goers survive on ramen and pasta throughout a large part of their college sessions. So gifting them a microwave pasta cooker will make life simpler and easier for them. Other cooking-related ideas are here.

A goodie bag

You can come up with a goodie bag to light up the face of your favorite college buddy. Fill up a small, multi pocket tote bag with items of daily necessities like toothpaste, toothbrushes, moisturizers, flip flops, razors (for guys), lip balms (for girls) and every other thing that you can think of. Your friend will love you when they get to have a bag that meets their daily needs so perfectly.

Activity gear

The social and physical activities available for college students seems to just keep growing. Some of the things that could be useful, depending on their interests, are snow hats, a beach towel, sports socks, a drinking funnel, and a chessboard. Get them ready for the fun times.


A football can be a real winner. Having a ball can help a student make friends and is an ice-breaker with guys even, and maybe especially, if your college student is a girl. Go for a grid iron ball in the United States and a soccer ball in Europe. If he or she is attending university in Australia, it’s an Aussie Rules ball in the south and a rugby ball in the north.

So what are you waiting for? Try these amazing gift ideas and make your college going buddy happier than ever.

Top 5 Best Anime Series


Who doesn’t love a well-choreographed anime? With their unique story lines, high quality styles, realism, backs of ethical quandaries and heart pumping battle scenes, anime series set us up for several hours of entertainment. Here is a list of the Best Anime Series of All Time (top TV / video series).

1. One Piece

In an environment covered with water, Luffy is on a mission to find the lost treasure (One Piece). Of course he is not the only one searching for it, every pirate in the globe is looking for it! One piece is a dazzling adventure anime featuring duels with fun characters, supernatural powers and tones of pirates. It will definitely satisfy any action craving that you have.

2. Naruto

Before discovering a hidden power of a 9-tailed fox sealed within him, Naruto a problem student was never talented or popular as a ninja. And although his strength is majorly due to the nine-tailed fox, his real strong point is in his determination to be friends with everyone and to protect them from evils that threaten to destroy them. Will he succeed? Find out in this action packed anime.

3. Hunter x Hunter

Gon grew up knowing that he was an orphan for a very long time. But one day he comes across an adventurer who tells him that his father, Ging was not only alive but was also a very famous hunter. Gon takes the hunter examination and sets out on a quest to locate his father. The series has great characters and scenes that will move you. It will have you biting your nails, crying and laughing!

4. Monster

If you are doctor in a very reputable medical facility and you find yourself in a scenario where you are forced to choose between saving the mayor of the town and a dying orphan, who do you pick? Dr. Tenma decides to save the orphan which initially feels like a good choice. But what happens if the orphan you saved turns out to be a serial killer? Monster is not only an entertaining anime but also an informational piece on the value of life and the choices that we make.

5. Knights of Sidonia

This list would not be complete without mentioning Knights of Sidonia. The action packed anime is set in the distant future. The remaining human beings survive in spaceships including the Sidonia. Even though it has lots of action scenes, it also features an interesting story with humor and character development. It is an intriguing watch that will keep you hooked to the very end.