Best Drawing Websites for Beginners

Being able to draw, and do it well, is a skill many people wish they had. Drawing can potentially lead to art careers, such as graphic design. While simple doodling can be fun, taking it to another level is more difficult.

Until recently, the only way to learn how to draw properly was to sign up for a local class. These days, there are countless drawing websites for beginners to check out. Below are a few of the very best, and what they do particularly well.

Draw Space

The biggest selling feature for Draw Space is that they have so many different classes available for all skill levels. No matter what a person wants to focus on in drawing, there is a class to help.

They offer plenty of free classes for people to get a good understanding on the teaching methods they use. As for their classes that do require payment, it is overall a great value since a person can get very detailed lessons on so many topics.

It’s a great starting place for true beginners, and even works for more seasoned drawing artists. They actually offer a test lesson on understanding talent so a person knows exactly what skill level they are starting out with.

Drawing Coach

People who want to focus specifically on drawing cartoons and caricatures should consider Drawing Coach. This is the best way to learn how to draw comic strip cartoons, anime, people, intricate tattoos, clip art and more.

Improving overall technique is the number one focus with all the tutorials. Instead of spending too much time on overall art theory, it is a great way to technically improve and create a solid drawing foundation. Learning the proper technique now can pay off big in the future.

After a few walkthroughs, it is encouraging to see a finished project if every step is followed. While most people aren’t going to put together a great looking comic strip on their first try, it’s a great start.

Duey’s Drawings

Bryan Duey has created a solid following on his website by keeping his lessons and methods simple. He offers free advice people can follow step-by-step in order to improve their drawing skill. He really seems to have a passion for teaching, and is willing to take the time to thoroughly explain everything.

The tutorials are broken down by skill level, but what really helps bring this site together is a community message board. There is a bunch of information and answers on there for people who are just starting out. He’s not as active as he once was, but there is still a very in-depth catalog of drawing tutorials to comb through.

Drawing Now

Some people might prefer a website where they can learn drawing from other regular users out there. All a person has to do to get started at Drawing Now is to sign up for a free membership, and they can interact with other members.

Users can create their own tutorials, allowing for a lot of different teaching methods to be posted on the website. It becomes a competition amongst other members to have the best tutorials and be considered a go-to expert in the field. Being able to reach out to other members with instant messaging and open chat is a great tool to have as well. Most are very open to providing advice and feedback on finished art.


Technically speaking, YouTube is not a website strictly for learning how to draw. However, simply searching for drawing tutorials can provide powerful results. Many artists are using YouTube as a way to promote their own teaching techniques.

Since YouTube is so big, people can get very specific with searching methods. This allows people to learn how to draw what they want at their own pace. Some artists will use YouTube as a vehicle to drive traffic to their personal website, but others just enjoy giving back to the community and providing all their lessons on the video-sharing website.