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6 Business Majors to Consider

Business major

Business is the most popular college degree and here are six of the best majors you may want to consider.

About Choosing a Business Major

Here’s some more free stuff that I submit to you. As an undergraduate, choosing a major in a particular area of business can be a difficult choice to make. Business schools offer many majors and they vary so much, especially given each can lead to significantly different career paths.

By the time you reach postgraduate level, you should already be on your way career-wise and will probably be looking to rise up the management ranks. A Master of Business Administration (MBA) is the main study option. Good MBA programs teach leadership and management but also allow you to major in fields such as the following.

1. Accounting 

Accounting majors may eventually oversee the financial activities of an individual or a business. A great advantage of the major is that accounting services are always needed across all industries.

Typically, accountants are employed in business accounting, finance or tax auditing. Accountants learn about money and often interpret their knowledge to offer their clients or business partners valuable, actionable information and advice. 

Course units required for accounting major include accounting, financial analysis, business law and economics. To work as a certified public accountant (CPA), you must pass a specialized test. Demand for skilled CPAs is rising.

2. Marketing 

A marketing major opens diverse career possibilities. Popular positions in this degree include marketing manager, marketing specialist, and marketing coordinator. Marketing professionals work in many organizations across different industries.

Marketing often differentiates between a company’s failure and success. Majoring in marketing will help you in product promotion, consumer research, brand awareness, customer retention, and other areas that help an organization grow and remain competitive. 

The right marketing plan helps business owners make enough profits from their products. It also helps consumers find the product they want at the best price.

3. Finance

Finance majors interpret financial data. A wealth of possible positions are available through the finance major, such as financial accounting, money market analysis and capital investment decision-making. Those in finance must have strong math skills for such tasks as planning investments or creating budgets.

Course units required to major in this business include business law, corporate finance, project management and sustainable investment. You can work in this field as an accredited investment or financial adviser but you will need to possess some professional experience and pass special tests.

4. Human Resources Management

Human resources managers fulfill a core role in any large organization. This is a business major for people who are willing to commit their energy and time to an organization’s success. HR takes charge of workforce motivation, employee selection, labor relations, and organizational behavior. 

If you want to major in human resources, you will probably need to take course units in organizational ethics, operations management, international business, financial accounting, human resource development, business law, employee and labor relations, and compensation management.

This business major may be right for you if you identify as a team player who enjoys working with other people genuinely. Verbal and written communication skills, and interpersonal skills are all musts.

5. International Business 

An international business degree will teach you about global operations, cultural behaviors and expanding markets. To qualify for the major, you could take course units like international markets, business ethics and global commerce. A degree qualifies you for positions like business development specialist, logistician and management analyst.

6. Entrepreneurship

Earning a business degree in entrepreneurship major is a smart move if you plan to run your own business. Typical courses you can take include accounting, marketing, business strategy and performance management. You can also use the skills you acquire to work with an organization too. The sky is the limit if you’re able to get a successful venture off the ground.

These are just six options when it comes to popular business majors. Considering your interests, abilities and career objectives will help you choose the ideal business major for you.

How to Start a Career in Web Development

Web development career

For those individuals who want to start a web developer career, it is best to begin learning about the core components of web page development like HTML, CSS, JavaScript. Web developers need to understand that these three components are crucial to learning and eventually mastering the craft. 

Languages You Need to Know

CSS — the newest version being CSS(3) — and HTML (5) are critical languages that web developers need to use to make a web site appealing and functional. There is also Javascript (JS), which brings extra attributes to both HTML and CSS pages. Javascript can animate images and also provide much more dynamic elements to any webpage. The best news is that JS is a free technology that any web developer can use. These are all part of the toolset you need for developing responsive-designed web pages.

Responsive Web Design

A career as a web developer should include responsive web design (RWD) and other techniques. RWD is a term used to define how specific elements of a web page (menu, graphic, buttons and page text) are configured to many different screen sizes with an HTML page and cascading style sheets or CSS. Web developers need to understand all the various attributes that CSS will apply to HTML. HTML (5) is the latest incarnation of HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), which was created by British inventor, Sir Tim Berners Lee when he was working at CERN.

Domain and Hosting

And once you have read up on these three components, buy web page hosting. Indeed, companies like or will also sell you a website domain. It’s often advantageous to purchase a .com or .net extension to create a test website. You can also use a staging server where your web pages can sit while you learn to develop them. Any key thing to be aware of concerns having enough website pages that reflect today’s hot technologies. The newest skills regarding web page development are always in high demand.

Education and Design Resources

There are also websites like and YouTube channels that provide many hours of free instruction on how to create web pages. You can also find articles on the commercial side of things, such as 7 steps to create a money-making web page. And while the idea of marketing is not as important for those who are looking to start a career in web development, things like SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and (Responsive Web Design) — aka RWD — can bring a boost for page rankings on Google.

While RWD and also adaptive web page methods are just a few of the many methods to apply, the best news is that there are many tools future developers can use like Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2019. This software helps web developers take a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) “visual” approach.

And there are also certification programs for web developers at many junior colleges that provide in-depth classes covering different aspects of what skills a web developer needs to get started. Many times, college classes and university programs provide free server space for your web pages and helping you snag real-world projects that help kick off that new career track as a web developer.

Digital Marketing Skills

Business managers loves it when their web designers also have digital marketing knowledge and general marketing skills. You see, web design and digital marketing go hand in hand.

Creative writing
Good design leaves room for creative writing

For example, web pages perform better commercially when they are easy to navigate, clutter-free and load fast. These things make for a better user experience. Another important factor is content space. To perform well in internet search, web pages need to a certain amount of text — without becoming a hard read. That’s a web design issue for which you need to know about content marketing and creative writing.

If you study business at any stage, which you can do in the first year or two of an information technology degree, try to fit some digital marketing units in. A web designer with a marketing background is a professional you can bet will always be in high demand.

And Think About Blogging

Blogging is a good activity for web developers for several reasons. The first is that you can pick up or refine web development skills by managing your own blog.

Through blogging, you will also come to appreciate the needs of business managers when they hire developers. Their agenda is to get great content out there that looks good as well. They have different mindsets and timeframes compared to the average developer and may be subject to constant commercial pressures.

Blogging also gives you the opportunity to become an expert in a field. Blogging consistently on a subject is a discipline that naturally inculcates skills and knowledge. An added bonus is the ability to make money from your own website.

Why Sell Property by Auction?

Auction hammer.

Choosing to sell your house or property by auction instead of using estate agents (commonly known as a private treaty) can pay off. Here are the top 5 reasons why to sell by auction.

1. Saves Time

If you are looking to sell your house or property fast, then auction is the best option for you. From the time you instruct your auctioneer to list your property, it will only take approximately two months for completion of the entire process. Your auctioneer should run through the whole process; plan for open days where prospective bidders are invited to view the property and also set a date for the auction. Expect to hand over your keys 28 days later after the hammer drops.

2. Extensive Marketing

There is this common myth that properties going for auction will only get advertised in the auctioneer’s catalog. This is not true, in fact, all auctioneers will promote your house or property across the country, by listing it on some big property portals like Rightmove and Zoopla. This ensures that your property gets maximum exposure ahead of auction.

3. Legal and Biding

The fall of the hammer creates a legal binding contract, which is made formal by a signature on the memorandum of sale that forms part of the catalog. This avoids any possible delays and downward negotiations that are often part of buying and selling a property through private treaty. On average, one-third of properties sold through private treaties fall through after closing the deal. So selling by auction is by far a better option.

4. Ensures That Your Property Sells at Best Price

All sellers would want to achieve best prices for their property, and all buyers would want to feel that they are acquiring the property at a best fair price. But who decides what is fair?

Selling through auction is the most efficient and best way to make sure that a property sells at the true market price. Buyers that participate an auction have done their due diligence prior, and they know what they are willing to pay for a property. They’re bidding is in a very competitive environment, and buyers themselves determine the price.

Only the highest bidder get to go with the property. Sellers also have the advantage of setting the minimum price to start the bid.

5. No Gazundering

The buyer is legally bound to the sale once the hammer drops and must pay a deposit of 10% of the total sale price of the property before leaving the auction house. This eliminates any chances of being gazundered (a situation where the buyer lowers their offer last minute)

6 Best Online Shopping Websites

E-commerce shopping.

Shopping can be an enjoyable experience but, if you do not have time, the best option is online shopping. There has been surge in e-commerce websites designed to fulfill your shopping needs. Retail shops like eBay and Amazon are always day and night to supply products to be delivered to your home.

Here is a list of 6 best online shopping websites that will give you best shopping experience no matter if you are browsing through your tablet, iPad, iPhone or your laptop.

1. Shop while you connect and share is one such website that is an e-commerce website based on community involvement. Interestingly, the full form of this website is Want, Need, and Love. This is one website where you will find a collection of numerous products from various stores.

The platform of this website is pinboard style. It is easy to browse buy, save and even post new items if you have any to sell. You will even be able to connect to other members online and follow them.

2. Shopping with detailed product description

If you are the one who is more style and fashion conscious, then is the one for you. This website is full of novelty gifts, trendy products, fashion items and useful gadgets.

Whenever you like an item, click the Fancy button to show your interest in a chosen item. Save, mark, upload or e-mail a product on Fancy. You can also display your product on your profile as a featured product that can be rated and commented.

Shoppers are given the choices of Following, Recommended, and Featured that is present on your dashboard. Other things too are added like on-site payments and Search Capabilities.

3. Shop with discounts and best deals

It is not easy to get hold of the excellent deal granted but with you will get an opportunity to land best of available deals. Browsers are given different discounted categories from many department stores.

A heart icon sitting next to a product will reveal the popularity of an item. The numbers reveal how many people like a specific product or is favored by members.

You have a choice to shop on a retail dashboard or choose a pinboard layout style. The pictures of products are displayed by sale theme, date and product category within a calendar month. You get the best deals and unique items with the best pricing offered. The products displayed also contain an expiration date, the number of favorites and even the sales that are organized.

4. Collect points while adding your friends

If you are looking for some fun gamified shopping experience, then OpenSky is where you should shop. However, to join this shopping website, you need an invitation from another member.

The products offered by OpenSky include popular products from many stores that are tagged with Back-to-School, Insider Pick, Clearance, Exclusive and Free Shipping categories. The products you save fall in Loves category that can be purchased later on.

To enlarge a picture click the large heart icon while hovering over the image. This website gives descriptive product details that include product specs, comments and other such details to help you choose edibles as well as electronics. You can even follow sellers individually.

Interestingly you will earn additional points for inviting your friends with 1,000 points. If you are adding friends through Facebook Connect then 2,500 points and 1000 points each time your friend makes a purchase. These are added up to your shopping rewards that can be redeemed for free shipping or credits on your purchases. This is all like fun game like collecting points and getting a bonus.

5. Partner of eBay

You are already familiar with the most popular website called eBay; there is another website owned by this online retailer called Svpply. You can perform a search using keywords based on your personal interest. You can collect, mark or want any product that you wish to purchase online and even share it across your social media network. You can share your collections across Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook.

6. Free online courses “shopping”

You may be surprised at the range of free and cheap online courses you can find. Whatever your particular interest or learning requirement, there is probably a free or low-cost online course to match. Among the best online course platforms are Coursera, Udemy and LinkedIn Learning.

If you are a teacher, want to create your own online course, or just want to teach and entertain your own kids, there are great resources for teachers available. The top ones include Theme Spark and Busy Teacher Cafe.