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Best Gaming Channels on YouTube


From secrets to perplexing boss fights to neat tricks on how to best puzzle levels, the popularity of gaming channels on YouTube has exploded for various reasons. With hundreds of options to consider, we’ve narrowed it down to bring you seven of the very best. Take a look.

1) PewDiePie

With a subscription list almost reaching the hundred million mark, the numbers indicate that PewDiePie is the most popular gaming channel on the platform. He has diversified his content in recent times but topics generally revolve around gaming software such as VR headsets and amusing gameplay. He is perhaps most noted for his witty gaming commentary which earned him a cameo on “South Park” five years ago where he voiced the show’s depiction of his character. Affectionately known as PewDiePie, his real name is actually Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg. And no, that’s not a typo.

2) VanossGaming

For a taste of adrenaline-packed “Call of Duty” and “Grand Theft Auto” videos served with a slice of humor, VanossGaming is the place to be. The owner of this highly influential channel which has amassed 9 billion views since its inception in 2011 is 26-year-old Canadian Evan Fong. His genre basically revolves around poking fun at glitches and questionable gameplay across a plethora of franchises of which he has lately taken a liking to simulator games.

3) Markiplier

Mark Fishback’s Markiplier doubles up as a gaming-cum-comedy video channel and he has seamlessly blended the best of both worlds resulting in an impressive 23 million subscription. Inherently funny and with a weaned knack for comically mocking gameplays of famous title such as “Resident Evil 2”, Markiplier leans more toward rib-cracking entertainment than get-you-out-of-a-jam pointers but we wouldn’t have it any other way. His specialty encompasses horror and indie games although he occasionally ventures into games such as Minecraft.

4) Jacksepticeye 

English-born Seán William McLoughlin hits you in the face, quite literally and figuratively, with energetic Irish commentary on a lineup of series involving much-beloved fan favorites like 2018’s “God of War” and the worldwide craze that is “Marvel’s Spiderman”. Be prepared for a smack in the face and a customary “Top of the morning” pleasantry across videos which normally involve him trying to figure out his way across levels while laughing you to tears.

5) DanTDM

Daniel Middleton has racked in about 22million subscribers with the majority of that fan base strewn from Minecraft enthusiasts. He started out appealing to the younger generation but has since diversified into Tomodachi Life and Roblox games among others in a bid to cast a wider net. His videos are based on exemplary mastery of challenging gameplay and priceless reactions to levels seemingly conspired to frustrate the average gamer.

6) LazarBeam

So what do you get when you add absurdness and wild gameplay to fan-favorites such as “Fortnite” and weird backdrops like playing atop a rooftop? Well, the answer is Lanna Eacott’s hilarious LazarBeam channel. He is popular for his out-of-the-box playthroughs during which his witty charm and lovable personality shine through.

7) The Game Theorists

As the channel’s name would suggest, The Game Theorists take a new approach to YouTube gaming channels offering intriguing theories about various aspects of video games punctuated by glimpses of comic relief. Matthew Patrick’s accomplished background in acting, producing and writing ensures various elements of those three aspects are evident in his videos which have brought close to 12 million subscribers to his doorstep since his 2009 debut. 

And that rounds off our compilation of awesome YouTube gaming channels definitely worthy hitting that red button for.

Famous Dogs on TV

Scooby Doo.

Your faithful canine companion isn’t just for staying at home, waiting for their master. They can become film and TV stars as well! Here’s 5 famous, extremely well-trained dogs in movies and television, in no particular order.

1. Scooby Doo

The phrase “Scooby Doo, where are you?” might induce an endless-playing song in your head, but there’s no doubt that this Great Dane is known all throughout the world. Scooby, Shaggy and the gang of mystery-solving misfits go where no one dares and manages to save the day and uncover the masked villain scheming behind the scenes.

Did You Know? Scooby Doo held the Guinness World Book Record for the 2006 edition for the most episodes in a cartoon series. The cartoon’s 350 episodes outnumber the Simpson’s 335 episodes and Tom and Jerry’s 209 episodes in 2004.

2. Snoopy

Who could ever forget the lovable, black and white beagle of Charles Schulz? Although Snoopy started out in comics, this human-like dog catapulted to the bigger world of film. He has become one of the most iconic characters of all time. The last appearance of Snoopy was in the recent 2015 “The Peanuts Movie”. Ain’t Charlie Brown lucky to have this pet by his side?

Did You Know? Snoopy was an inspiration for Charles Schulz’ family pet named Spike. He wasn’t able to “verbalize” his thoughts until around a couple of years after the canine appeared on the comic strips!

3. Hachi

Who is Hachi, and why do people get misty-eyed whenever his name is mentioned? It all has something to do with a poignant, true story of an Akita Inu who has devoted his entire life to his owner. You see, Hachi was left behind by his owner and never came back. The dog kept on revisiting and waiting for his master until his last breath. A true heart-warmer that you must watch at least once!

Did You Know? Hachiko’s story became widely known in Japan in 1932 by an article made by Hirokichi Saito. The people loved it so much they made Hachi a public icon.

4. Lassie

All dogs are inherently loyal, but there are some that are more loyal than the other dogs. Meet Lassie, the super dog who is able to do it all, and still remain a good-natured pet to her owners! The half-collie represented all the good things a dog could have- bravery, a sense of honor and the ability to save people’s lives.

Did You Know? Lassie is originally a female dog as portrayed in TV, but her stand-ins are all male dogs! The reason for this is because male dogs retain their shiny, healthy coat during summer.

5. Beethoven

Beethoven is a slow, fun-loving dog in the movie featuring the same name. He’s big, he drools and he stumbles around but his loyalty and protective nature wins the family over.

Did You Know? The movie came under fire because their portrayal of a vet as a criminal dognapper irked the American Veterinary Association.