7 Best Online Shopping Websites

Shopping can be an enjoyable experience but, if you do not have time, the best option is online shopping. There has been surge in e-commerce websites designed to fulfil your shopping needs. Retail shops like eBay and Amazon are always day and night to supply products to be delivered to your home.

Here is a list of 7 best online shopping websites that will give you best shopping experience no matter if you are browsing through your tablet, iPad, iPhone or your laptop. Follow the links in the logos to go straight to each online store.

1. Amazon – Shop with Range and Best Deals


It is not easy to get hold of the excellent deal, granted. But with Amazon you will get an opportunity to land best of available deals among the shopping sites. Browsers are given different discounted categories from many product suppliers.

Start ratings reveal the popularity of each item. The numbers reveal how many people like a specific product or is favoured by members.

You have a choice to shop on a retail dashboard or choose a pinboard layout style. The pictures of products are displayed by sale theme, date and product category within a calendar month. You get the best deals and unique items with the best pricing offered. The products displayed also contain an expiration date, the number of favourites and even the sales that are organized.

2. Alibaba – Deals from the Manufacturers


If you want to tap into the manufacturing capabilities of China, Alibaba may be one of the best online shopping sites for you. Alibaba is a Chinese e-commerce company that offers a vast selection of products from suppliers, both domestic and international. Shoppers can choose from multiple options, compare prices, and find the best deals.

They operate marketplaces for both consumers and businesses where you can purchase goods in bulk. They even have services beyond just online shopping, such as online and offline payments, logistics, and marketing services, as well as cloud computing and artificial intelligence solutions.

Alibaba is also known for the annual “Singles Day” shopping event held on November 11th. It’s the largest shopping day in the world, where merchants offer deep discounts on numerous products.

3. Wanelo – Shop While You Connect and Share

Wanelo Shopping

Wanelo is an e-commerce website and app based on community involvement. Interestingly, the full form of this website is Want, Need, and Love. This is one website where you will find a collection of numerous products from various stores.

The platform of the app is pinboard style. It is easy to browse buy, save and even post new items if you have any to sell. You will even be able to connect to other members online and follow them.

4. The Fancy – Detailed Product Descriptions

The Fancy

If you are the one who is more style and fashion conscious, then The Fancy is the one for you. This online shopping website and app is full of novelty gifts, trendy products, fashion items and useful gadgets.

Whenever you like an item, click the Fancy button to show your interest in a chosen item. Save, mark, upload or e-mail a product on Fancy. You can also display your product on your profile as a featured product that can be rated and commented.

Shoppers are given the choices of Following, Recommended, and Featured that is present on your dashboard. Other things too are added like on-site payments and Search Capabilities.

5. OpenSky – Collect Points While Adding Your Friends


If you are looking for some fun gamified shopping experience, then OpenSky is where you should shop. However, to join this shopping website, you need an invitation from another member.

The products offered by OpenSky include popular products from many stores that are tagged with Back-to-School, Insider Pick, Clearance, Exclusive and Free Shipping categories. The products you save fall in Loves category that can be purchased later on.

To enlarge a picture click the large heart icon while hovering over the image. This website gives descriptive product details that include product specs, comments and other such details to help you choose edibles as well as electronics. You can even follow sellers individually.

Interestingly you will earn additional points for inviting your friends with 1,000 points. If you are adding friends through Facebook Connect then 2,500 points and 1000 points each time your friend makes a purchase. These are added up to your shopping rewards that can be redeemed for free shipping or credits on your purchases. This is all like fun game like collecting points and getting a bonus.

6. Etsy – Unique Products from Independent Sellers


To find unusual and distinctive items that make a statement or the perfect gift for someone special, check out Etsy. The online shopping site prides itself on connecting independent sellers to buyers globally. People come together on the ecommerce site to sell, buy and collect unique products. Popular categories include personalised gifts, home decor, clothing, jewellery and furniture.

7. Lerna – Help To Find the Right Online Course


Choosing a paid online course, especially a university or college degree, is one of those life decisions you definitely want to get right. That’s where Lerna comes in. The website is a guide to online education and will help you choose the best course for you. Featured articles delve into the pros and cons of different online learning options.

You may be surprised at the range of free and cheap online courses you can find. Whatever your particular interest or learning requirement, there is probably a free or low-cost online course to match. Among the best online course platforms are Coursera, Udemy and LinkedIn Learning.

If you are a teacher, want to create your own online course, or just want to teach and entertain your own kids, there are great resources for teachers available. The top ones include Theme Spark and Busy Teacher Cafe.