Humor and Jokes Types

Jokes and humor are personality psychology. They entertain people or convey a certain message in a literal and hidden manner. In humor and jokes, words are used in a well structured and highly designed narrative structure to entertain people and make them laugh. Humor always starts with a story and ends with a punch line which is the part that will make people laugh and enjoy. There are various types of humor and jokes.

Satirical Humor

This type of humor is tactically used to mock somebody or an event. Irony is used to bring out the story part that somebody might have been engaged in or caused it happen. It also uses sarcasm to bring out the real life vices about the satire story in question. The punch line comes in by making a comment about the story and how it should be.

Self-Disparaging Humor

This is the type of jokes and humor you want to make about yourself. People will love to laugh at how you describe yourself or definitely how you perceive yourself. Although this might make people be uneasy when they are around you, it plays a greater role in bonding with the audience. Self-disparaging humor and jokes is effective in most cases but it should be moderated as people might be bored talking about yourself always.

Witty Humor and Jokes

This type of jokes and humor needs intellectual structuring and is always for the smart and quick minded. One can take any known situation that happened and use it to tease the audience and describe about it. In most cases it is a situation or story that nearly everybody is aware of (e.g. common sayings). They use the story and tactically twist it to march their intentions. When engaging in witty humor be careful not to cross the line and tease or joke about a story that offended many people. This will make the audience dull.

Slapstick Humor and Jokes

Slapstick humor uses physical variations to bring about an awkward moment to the other party that is perceived to be perfect. It gives variations of body movements or structures that create a mock or simulated body harm to bring out a comic effect.

Topical Humor and Jokes

This type of humor focuses entirely on topics making headlines in news, social media or in any communication platform. It Includes topics about politics, sports events, war, economy or any other popular headlines. This humor makes fun of current events, its effects or importance and fun is made on how the events were handled, how it happened and its aftermath.