Gift Ideas for College Students

Choosing gifts for a college-goer can be pretty tricky. Particularly with the wide array of gifts to choose from, things might pretty complex and baffling for most of us. So if you’re busy figuring out the best gift ideas for college students, here’s a list that might help you. Also see this checklist of uni essentials (things to pack).

Personalized pillows and cushions

This is one gift where you can never go wrong. Customize the pillow or the cushion according to the person’s favorite movie or TV show. You can also use it as a reminder for all birthdays and important dates.

A portable pizza pouch

College students swear by pizzas and in this regard, there can be no better gift than a small, personalized and portable pizza pouch. This pouch will ensure that the person is always prepared for any kind of pizza related emergency.

Food containers

Every college kid faces a situation in his life, where his meals are strictly confined to ramen, lentils and mac and cheese. In such situations, gifting a good food container to your college buddy can be a great idea. This container will store his food safely and he will also be able to take it out for meals between classes.

Shot glasses

College keeps all of us worked up. At times, situations get tad more difficult and we are in dire need of a glass of shot. So gifting a couple of shot glasses will make a college goer more than just happy. While making your pick, do not confine your choices to the boring and typical designs. Try something cool and quirky. You can even customize these glasses with a personal message to add a more personalized feel.

A microwave pasta cooker

As I already said, college life is never complete without mac an’ cheese. Most college goers survive on ramen and pasta throughout a large part of their college sessions. So gifting them a microwave pasta cooker will make life simpler and easier for them. Other cooking-related ideas are here.

A goodie bag

You can come up with a goodie bag to light up the face of your favorite college buddy. Fill up a small, multi pocket tote bag with items of daily necessities like toothpaste, toothbrushes, moisturizers, flip flops, razors (for guys), lip balms (for girls) and every other thing that you can think of. Your friend will love you when they get to have a bag that meets their daily needs so perfectly.

Activity gear

The social and physical activities available for college students seems to just keep growing. Some of the things that could be useful, depending on their interests, are snow hats, a beach towel, sports socks, a drinking funnel, and a chessboard. Get them ready for the fun times.


A football can be a real winner. Having a ball can help a student make friends and is an ice-breaker with guys even, and maybe especially, if your college student is a girl. Go for a grid iron ball in the United States and a soccer ball in Europe. If he or she is attending university in Australia, it’s an Aussie Rules ball in the south and a rugby ball in the north.

So what are you waiting for? Try these amazing gift ideas and make your college going buddy happier than ever.